Passive Fire Detection System

Fire Address System

Short Description: Passive fire protection works in conjunction with active fire prevention, fire detection systems and fire suppression systems.


Fire Alarm Systems

Fire detection is one of the most challenging issues faced by facilities. SAPInfra understands the challenges and legal requirements you face, as well as your need to speed response times, mitigate risk and deliver performance improvements.

SAPInfra Technologies provides options for fire alarm system integration based on your needs and goals. Your fire and life safety solutions can remain standalone applications, or they can be integrated with your other building management systems — including security, HVAC and access systems — into a single, scalable platform, providing better monitoring and control of your facility, while protecting your investments and helping reduce costs.

Products & Services

  • Addressable and Conventional fire alarm systems
  • Smoke, heat and fire detection
  • VESDA systems
  • Integrated Public Address systems with voice evacuation announcements
  • Emergency communications

FM200 Fire Suppression

SAPInfra Technologies can design and implement various types of fire suppression systems for use in computer rooms, data centers, museums, equipment rooms etc. The dry/clean agent fire suppression system uses gaseous extinguishers such as FM200, inert gas, CO2. These extinguishers does not damage the protected equipment. They are also particularly suited for protecting electrical equipment as they are electrically non-conductive

The valuable knowledge and experience gained from installing, testing, commissioning and maintaining a wide range of fire detection and suppression systems has enabled us to excel in providing turnkey integrated solutions for areas requiring special protection. We have completed many integrated turnkey projects for data centers, computer rooms and disaster recovery centers to-date.

Support Services

It is mandatory as per law to have functional fire alarm systems in all non-residential buildings as per India National Building Code. SAPInfra ensures that your alarm systems are up to date and functional.

Products & Services

  • Extended Warranty Management services
  • Trained Resident engineering services
  • Move, Additions and Changes management