Building Management Systems

Building Management Systems

As energy management specialists, Momentum focuses entirely on creating efficient, affordable and easy-to-use lighting, heating, ventilation and climate controls within commercial buildings. We have vast experience dealing with the Building Management Systems requirements for a wide variety of commercial sectors, such as data centres, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, universities, and offices – both large and small.

Our specialist BMS engineers can help you cut through the technical jargon and use their knowledge and expertise to assist with the selection of the best cutting edge technology and controls to meet your needs. This includes developing truly customized solutions where appropriate.

Support Services

For continued energy savings, it is of utmost importance that your Building Management System is configured and maintained as per manufacturer guidelines. Momentum ensures that your energy control systems are up to date and functional.

Products & Services

> Extended Warranty Management services.
> Trained Resident engineering services.
> Move, Additions and Changes management.