Audio Visual

Voice Infrastructure Development

Short Description: This solution combines manageability, scalability, reliability, and Quality of Services to enable a wide selection of audio and visual services.


Video Conferencing

SAPInfra Technologies specializes in conferencing equipment for any environment, from desktops to corporate boardrooms and auditoriums, large university lecture halls and more. Offering a full range of video conferencing products that address the need to hear every word, SAPInfra creates audio solutions that enable crystal clear communication for productive collaboration.

SAPInfra Technologies addresses the crucial aspects of call clarity and quality with products designed using leading-edge engineering and industrial design. Our multiple microphone solutions provide flexible options for various meeting spaces such as multipurpose rooms, corporate boardrooms, offices and lecture halls. Whether your application requires the freedom of wireless microphones for conferencing and voice uplift, or wired microphones for a fixed solution, SAPInfra will create an audio environment that suits your needs for security, clarity and style.

Audio Visual Integration

Creating an audio visual integrated room is a combination of art and science. The art is in the design of the room itself; the lighting, furniture, and the selection of the right technologies that will eventually come together. The science is the building of those technology connections and making each device work together as if they were one. Our certified team of engineers has a unique understanding of how different technologies work together to create a cohesive collaboration environment. The goal is to ensure the technology is seamlessly integrated into the room so users are able to focus on the meeting at hand. We emphasize ease of use and a consistent interface along with ensuring that data in multiple forms is easily viewed, shared, and manipulated.

Products & Services

  • Design, Implementation and Project Management
  • Control System Programming
  • Collaboration & Tele-presence Solutions

Support Services

Businesses are now more dependent on AV Systems for collaboration and conferencing. Any downtime is simply not acceptable as it hits the bottom line. SAPInfra provides trained resident engineering services ensuring that all AV systems in your facility are in our care.

Products & Services

  • Event Management services
  • Trained Resident engineering services