Access Control

Access Control

Short Description: The Access control system grant access to users for certain privileges to systems, resources or information and secured area.


Physical Access Control

SAPInfra Technologies is an authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for leading physical and card access control manufacturers. At SAPInfra, we specialize in more complex enterprise card access applications, especially those involving the integration of IP-based video, intrusion systems, smartcards, time and attendance systems, human resource databases, etc. Whatever your card access needs, SAPInfra has the right solution and technical support you will need to complete your project on-time and within budget.

Products & Services

  • IP-Based Door Access Control and Time & Attendance Solutions
  • Identity Authentication options include: Smart Cards, Biometric, Iris, Hand Geometry, Number Pad, OTP etc.
  • Physical access control solutions – Hydraulic Bollards, Boom Barriers, Tyre Killers, Road Blockers, Flap Barriers and Mechanical Turnstiles
  • Parking Garage solutions

Command and Control

SAPInfra Technologies can design and execute a command and control solution for critical infrastructure. A major requirement for quickly reacting to events is the effective planning and coordination of all remedial or preventive procedures. To be able to take the correct decisions in dangerous situations where critical infrastructures are concerned, a complete overview of the current situation and the available emergency personnel is essential. Structured operational sequences also ensure the fastest possible implementation of the deployments. Our command and control solution, specifically designed to support security management at critical infrastructure sites such as ports, airports, metro stations, country borders, and smart cities. SAPInfra integrates all the sub-systems together to protect and manage your site.